I Believe Project


The main focus of this project is to do anthropological research and to extend the HWS I Believe to incorporate a global perspective. I will engage in a conversation with a minimum of 40 diverse individuals about their “I Believe” statement(s) and stories and document them to create a project that reflects the beliefs and core values that guide the daily lives of individuals throughout the world. My objective is to find out about the core beliefs and life philosophies of people in other countries (primarily Italy).  This will be done by asking people to complete the statement: “I believe____.” The responses will be recorded and presented in one or more of the following formats: written, still photographs and/or videos. 

I am a student at Hobart & William Smith Colleges, from New York, USA. As part of my studies I am exploring things or ideas that people believe in about their life philosophies. If you are willing to help me, please tell me something you believe in. As an example, you might say you believe that it is important that there are artist, or that you believe in the importance of science. You might also say you believe in happiness, family, or love or good food. Are your beliefs cultural? Familial? Individual? It is what you think or believe in that is important to you, to who you are. I would like you to give me one short statement, and then I would like you take a few minutes to explain it to me.

My “I Believe” project.